Role & Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing the functions of a child’s behavior with input from the rest of the team. An Antecedents, Behavior, Consequence (ABC) format is often employed as a way to figure out what purpose the behavior potentially serves for the child.
  • Creating realistic and functional plans of action to work with the child and the family on reducing the incidence of maladaptive behaviors.
  • Educating and monitoring the team on the implementation of behavior plans and proactive strategies.
  • Devising appropriate reinforcement schedules and motivational systems.
  • Supporting skills/strategies to work on issues of anxiety, compulsions, rigidity and stereotypic behaviors.
  • Providing support and strategies in the development of functional play skills and promotion of social skills.
  • Promoting safe and successful community participation for the child and family as a whole.
  • Carrying appropriate liability insurance as required.

Working Conditions

  • Work environment: family’s home, community, and/or online


  • Behavior consultants – diploma/degree (or equivalent)and/or experience in a related field
  • Psychologist – graduate or post-graduate degrees in Psychology or related field
  • Registration with the appropriate governing body, if required
  • Experience working with children on the autism spectrum and/or with other special needs
  • Current criminal records check and child/youth intervention check
  • Alberta driver’s license/vehicle

If you are interested in this position, please send us your resume